From Cousin to Friend, from Friend to Soulmate…this sums up our relationship! We have grown together, explored relationships together, been through life’s ups and downs together. We may not be the ideal couple everyone dreams for, but we do know that we are meant to be…..inseparable.

We both dream big. We have dreams to reach heights only few have reached. We may dream differently, but we support each other in all that we wish for.

Akif…an avid travel lover. Would jump at any opportunity to travel the world. Explore new interests to find his inner self. Enjoys change and runs away from stagnant routines.

Fariha…enjoys travelling, baking and anything techie. Like Akif, hates stagnant routines, and always looking for some drama or spark in life.

Together…we aim to have a fun filled life…to give the best of the best to our children…and grow together professionally and personally.

We welcome you to our world…join us as we explore the world and go on a journey of self exploration and contentment!