Math Poems


My 6.5 year old struggled with advanced math concepts when it came to addition and subtraction. He knows his number bonds, can add numbers well but when it comes to carrying forward (in addition) or borrowing concept (in subtraction), he would have a brain freeze!

We literally went through the concepts in multiple ways for over 6 months. We kept leaving it for a while and then coming back to it later, hoping to be able to get it this time!…but it was always a struggle…until……

We found the math poems!

These poems have worked wonders for us! He has not only mastered the concept, but can also trace his working step by step by going through the poems he memorized. Masha’Allah this is a life saver for all those struggling with this similar concept.

Download the Math Poems in PDF format here

The day I discovered: “Routine”

Julie bogart! This is one name I have to take when discussing the topic of “Routine”. Julie from Bravewriter is a living homeschooling manual. Seriously, if you haven’t checked her podcasts, do so right now! Her experience and the ease with which she explains her strengths and weaknesses, ups and downs, good days and bad days, divert your mind to look for the silver lining!

I have always been a scheduling kind of person. I don’t like to plan my lessons in advance (not that i haven’t tried doing that), but i do appreciate some sort of structure. Last year, I tried assigning days to subjects. For example: Saturday was always a free day and i chose this day for “Art”. I thought we would get creative and enjoy the freedom as we will all be in a stress-free zone. What happened? You guessed it! No art happened for over 6 months! Every Saturday (which is a weekend for us down here in Doha), something came up! We were either outdoors, or had guests or something else. Art was never going to happen. This made me miserable…

I started planning my second year of homeschooling in August. I wanted to make major changes as we had slacked off quite a bit. By this time all we were able to do was Math (consistently). This is when i listened to Julie Bogart and heard about routine. Julie emphasizes on having a routine as opposed to a schedule. A routine is flexible, schedules are rigid. Schedules throw you over when things don’t go as planned leading to unnecessary stress and anxiety.

My children love structure and I always thought, going without a “Schedule” will effect my kids big time. My older one cannot function without a proper schedule. Upon searching more I came across a post on “Sonlight” website (link provided at end of post). This is when things changed for me completely.

This article introduced me to the 3 part homeschool routine: Morning Time, Table Time and Tea Time! I embraced it instantly. This is what my homeschool needed! A routine with flexibility as well as structure.

So my children know, every morning there will be a Morning Time, a Table Time and a Tea Time. The topics we cover under each “Time” can vary day in day out. At the end of the day, you can say you covered three aspects of homeschool routine! How do i schedule my routine 3 part homeschool routine? My next blog post covers just that…

This is the link to 3 part homeschool routine by Sonlight