Homeschool Planner

So..i have been on the lookout for a decent homeschool planner. My criteria was quite demanding. I found some wonderful planners online but they didn’t meet my requirements.

I wanted something that would incorporate two children, would be completely undated and simply colourful!

I have designed this planner for my personal use, and i have taken inspiration from various planners available online. It is very simple and basic. If you would like to use it, feel free to download and use. I also design customized planners, if you would require so.

The benefits of this planner are that they can be used starting at any time of the year. You can handwrite all information you require. For every month there is a book list, resources required and unit study planning page. Attendance pages are just for my accountability. Something to look back to and plan the consecutive years. I would love your feedback on this.

Download My Homeschool Planner (Full Colour)

Download My Homeschool Planner (Grayscale)

Download My Homeschool Planner (Lesser Colour)

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